Entries for the Sydney Half-Marathon are now open… and I just signed up. I’m scared sh*tless about the time cutoff. I was only able to run once last week, which was disappointing since I’d managed to stick to three times a week since Christmas. I told myself that I’d be better off resting and fighting off this virus than weakening myself and making it worse. Anyway, I’m committed now so there’s no backing out. (Also, it’s now been five days since my last Diet Coke. The Snook joked on the weekend that my flu symptoms were actually DTs from the withdrawal.)


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  1. Keep going with the diet coke. I gave up coke (the real stuff) over a year ago. It is possible (and I used to drink heaps of the stuff – my poor stomach). But yeah…withdrawl was hard.

  2. Trying to quit Diet Coke too. I gave up Coke about a year ago but substituted it for diet, thinking HFCS and aspartame were equally evil but at least one had zero calories. At least in Texas we can buy Mexican coke, which is made with cane sugar.

  3. I’m one week Diet-Coke free so far. I’ve had a couple cravings, but so far it’s been easier than I expected.

  4. Good luck with the race!! What’s the cut-off time?

  5. You have to do the first 11K in 75 minutes. I’ve been doing the math, and actually that seems more achievable than I first thought. I’m already running at that pace now; I just have to be able to keep it up for an hour. Then I don’t care if I run the second half really slow. 🙂

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