A quiet kind of weekend…
At 6:30 on Thursday night, while I was knitting away at the TC SnB, I suddenly felt dizzy. Like, my head started spinning. I soldiered on for the last half hour, but it didn’t go away. Maybe low blood sugar? I ate a few cookies from the office before heading home, but that didn’t help. I felt like I had vertigo. I went to bed early and slept about ten hours, but the feeling was still there the next morning. Friday afternoon I went to my doctor to get my monthly allergy shot, and he took one look at me and said, “You’re coming down with a virus.” Crap. I suppose it stands to reason; both Miss Fee and Bex have been sick recently, and I’ve hugged them both in the past week. “So what can I do to minimize the impact of this?” I asked. “Go to bed. Cancel everything this weekend and just rest.” YES, SIR! Consider it done…


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  1. Sending you some virtual chicken soup.

    Rest up! Hope you are back on your feet soon.

  2. It doesn’t seem to have manifested itself fully yet. I’m just a bit tired. I’m hoping maybe my system was able to fight it off…

  3. Lets hope that’s the case and it’s not one of those that you feel when you go to do something.

  4. awww – sorry! If it makes you feel better, i only felt crap for a couple of days 😉

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