This is without a doubt the most annoying Michael Stipe interview I’ve ever read in my life. The author decided that Stipe was too boring and generic so he literally made half of the article up. Parts of it are interesting, but I got quickly tired of reading a section only to find out that the whole thing was fictional. And it goes on for nine pages! But thanks to Max for the e-mail tip. REM news, even when irritating, is always welcome. (Less than week til the new album comes out!)
Which reminds me, I saw them on this British variety show last Friday night called “Later with Jools Holland.” They played a couple of their new songs, and then Michael started talking about that Nelson Mandela concert I wanted to go to the previous weekend. Apparently all the artists were sitting around in the green room or something and suddenly Mr. Mandela came in and asked who’d sing him a song. Michael said, “And so we were, like, ‘Uhh..’ and the Corrs were, like, ‘Uhh…’ and Mel, er, Melanie, uh, C? was like, ‘Uhh…'” I found it really funny that he couldn’t remember which Spice Girl he met. (It was B.)