I was just debunking an e-mail forward from my mom about roach eggs in envelope glue when I noticed that the Snopes site has redesigned. Very nice.


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  1. i love snopes…but i think my friends hate me for always responding to their forwards with a variation on “this is just a rumor, shame on you.”

  2. I know. I’ve gotten myself removed from a lot of e-mail lists that way. I alienated half of my PW girls by shooting down their “deodorant causes breast cancer” insanity, and I think yesterday I got myself taken off the family list. Oh well. Ours is a lonely job, and somebody’s gotta tell these people that spam SUCKS ASS.

  3. it just makes me so sad to learn that my friends would buy crap like that…and yet i’m more gullible than the next girl…

    i just remember a friend taking me to taks for perpetuating the “NPR and the NEA are going down the tubes!” e-mail. ever since then i’ve been a MAJOR net skeptic. did you ever get the e-mail about the lesbian and the lobster? i went APEshit when i got that one…

  4. Yeah, I think I’ve gotten that one. Something about lots of icky little babies? *shudder*

    The ones that really annoy me are the “forward to everyone you know and get a free gift certificate from the GAP” bullshit. I take great pride in shooting those down within, like, a minute of receiving them. I usually try to forward to everybody else on the message too (just to spread the bitchery around), unless there are a million address on it, which there usually are.

  5. i know–how in the dark about e-mail and internet technology do you have to be to believe that one?

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