I had a dream about Spike last night. I blame her.


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  1. the WB re-ran the episode when spike gets to play with his buffy-bot. *so* good…me, i just had a lame dream that i was trapped on jurrasic park island and a T. Rex was after me.


  2. Well, I was sorta being Buffy in mine, and stabbing vamps with this little wooden stick that I use to put my hair up with. It was so weird. And then Spike was at the end, but I didn’t stab him. Instead I called a truce with the remaining vamps and we all sat down to play “Clue.” How weird it THAT?

  3. clue, huh? hmm… nope, can’t read any undertones into that one.


  4. Well… I think I did tell him that I have a crush on him. Nothing majorly demented about that, but still a little embarrassing. 🙂

  5. i think i forgot to mention in this dreamlog that i had the hots for spike, but he’d pulled an angel and did a “lost his soul” 180 on me…

    ps–there’s nothing wrong with demented. 😉

  6. or with dreaming about Spike, as far as that goes 🙂


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