Exercise. We’re less than 72 hours from the half-marathon, and my lungs still aren’t up to 100%. Thanks to Dr. Emily, I’m trying out a ventilator that seems to be helping though. I’m certainly coughing a bit less. I went out for a short (4.5km) run Tuesday morning, and I’ve done a couple of Wii Fit workouts this week as well. (I unlocked Super Hula-Hoop, and OH MY GOODNESS that gets the heart pumping! I guarantee you that right now some chubby nerd is working out with this thing in his basement, and six months from now he’s going to be fifty pounds lighter and Nintendo will anoint him as the next Jared.) Anyway, I’ve got my number and timing chip for the race, and Project Hydration begins today. I’m going to do my best.


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  1. Where does the race go? Clare was saying we should cycle round to somewhere to cheer!

  2. Starts in the park. Goes down into the Domain and around Mrs Macquarie’s chair, then back into the city and around the Rocks. We have to do TWO laps! Map here.

    And thank you! Cheerleaders will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  3. Good luck. Now, this is the great and glorious carb week, so it’s your chance to eat whatever you want. (I believe in carb loading. I run in order to carb load.)

    Listen to your body, it’s smart. It knows what to do now.

  4. Good luck Kris! I’ll be cheering for you from over here too.

  5. Hey Kris. I just wanted to send you best wishes for a good race. Give us all of the juicy details in a race report after you’re done.

  6. Hey RT!
    I just wanted to pop in as well to wish you good luck. Don’t fret about your time- just do your best and have fun!


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