An unplanned pregnancy…
No way! Not me. (Had you going there, didn’t I?) It was my Sim. It was very disturbing. Some background: I discovered with some of my other Sim families that babies majorly suck. They stay infants for three days, during which you have to feed, play, and sing to them constantly. You have to rotate as well, or else the person that stays home the whole time inevitably gets fired from their job. If all goes well, the brat finally turns into a kid. (Kids are a headache themselves, but at least they can function on their own.) So anyway, with “our” household I was always careful to say “No” whenever that “Do you want a baby?” alert popped up. The Netdecisions family (Sim Kris, Snookums, Nick, and Alex) have way too much going on to tend to a child. So yesterday I was showing off the game to my sister and she wanted to see the infamous vibrating love bed. I grabbed the nearest couple (myself and Snookums), and they got biz-zay. I got quite the shock afterwards though, when a bassinette suddenly appeared. How distressing. What with my career as a SWAT team leader and Snookums’s job as a medical researcher, we had no time to raise a kid. I made the difficult decision to leave the little tyke home all the next day, after which Social Services appeared to take it away. Yeah, it was harsh, but that’s the beauty of the game, right? Now if only they’d introduce some contraception into an expansion pack…


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  1. *that* is too damned funny. part of me thinks i could enjoy this game quite a bit while another part of me knows how easily i get addicted to this kinda stuff…

    and i have to say it: SWAT team leader?! [email protected]$$.

  2. Yeah, I’m tough. I earned a $4000 reward from the mayor yesterday for saving some kids from a bus accident. 🙂

    I think I’m finally reaching Sim saturation though. Now that I’ve explored most of the career paths and stuff, the bit that interests me the most is just the building/decorating houses. I find myself buying things that my Sims don’t actually need (extraneous dressers and end tables) but that I require to satisfy my own peculiar personal interior decorating rules. My favorite house so far is owned by “Michael Bachelor”, who is a rock star and celebrity activist. There’s just something about leopard skin wallpaper that I love. 🙂

  3. ooh…that sounds so tuf.

  4. The only thing missing from my Sim house is a Sim cat. Get to it, Maxis!!

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