Twilight Saga
My cousin Jenny IMed me yesterday. “Do you know anything about twilight?” she said. “Uh… you mean that gas they give you at the dentist?” I guessed. “No! It’s a series of books about teenage girls in love with sexy teenage vampires. I’m obsessed.” Sounds very Buffy, right? She raved about it for ten minutes. Then she went for the clincher: “They’re coming out with a movie on the first book in December and CEDRIC DIGGORY is playing the vampire!” Hoo-yah, sign me up! I went out and got the first book at lunchtime, and I’m already a hundred pages in. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s in the “Young Adult” section; they’re quite thick books and they’re very well-written. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go read my book and SQUEEEE some more…

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  1. Dear gord, my niece loves the Twilight books. She actually tried to convince me to talk her parents into letting her go to one of the filming locations.

  2. Oh no… I’m doomed forever to read children’s fiction. Will I ever be a grown up again.
    For heavens sake I just read, Utterly me, Clarice Bean by Lauren Child. Ok so this is really a children’s book but it was adorable and it went down well with a cup of tea. I just want to know where Lauren Child gets all the fabulpous fabrics she used for Charlie and Lola…

    OK I’ve completely digressed, must get back to teen fiction and images of Robert Pattinson. I’m such a cradle stealer…

  3. Ooooh, here’s the movie trailer. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  4. May I suggest watching it in HD? *sigh*

  5. Oh, looks like fun, love the young adults for reading aloud.

  6. hehe..I love twilight..I’m like on looking at the twilight section all the time because they have updates on the movie and should really check out the twilight lexicon it has EVERYthing lol oh the trailer is awesome..I can’t wait for the new book in august!!
    love me some robert pattinson..

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