Have you guys been following this Australian ambush story? (You Yanks probably haven’t, as it doesn’t involve any Americans and took place in a foreign country.) Anyway, this British girl claims that she and her boyfriend were driving down a highway in Australia’s Northern Territory when a guy with a van flagged them down, claiming he needed help. The girlfriend says she heard a gunshot just after her boyfriend left their van, and then the mystery man pulled her out, tied her up, and threw her in the back of his van. She managed to escape later and hid in the scrub for six hours while the guy hunted for her with a dog. Now the whole country is out looking for this guy, and anybody with a rusty Ute is getting hauled in for questioning (a significant proportion of the population). They haven’t found anything yet, and some journalists are starting to question her story. Now tell me this isn’t just as interesting as that whole Chandra Levy business (which will probably just turn out along the lines of Max‘s theory anyway)…

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  1. i did read that article somewhere on the ‘net, actually. yet another replay of my dreams come to life… that woman is so brave. i think i would have gone into shock.

    i also thought it was interesting that people are now going *against* conventional outback wisdom/manners by not picking people up. while it’s nice to know that there is/was that culture of good samaritan-ness it’s very sad that this guy took advantage of it.

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