Well, that was the boringest medical procedure in history. Seriously. Other than a one-second pinch when they put the IV in my hand, there was nothing painful or scary. I just lay there on a “bed” (which was more like an industrial table) while they pushed the radioactive stuff through my IV. Then they wheeled this big metal contraption over my midsection and I just had stay still for an hour. I could see a sort of a screen above the machine with some sparkly dots on it, which the doctor said was my liver. (Later the dots coalesced into a single big bright spot, which was apparently my gallbladder.) Anyway, I put on my iPod, snuggled under the blanket they’d given me, and pretty much dozed the whole time. Then they trickled something else into the IV and took more pictures for another half hour. It was pretty relaxing… until I was presented with a bill for $500. Ouch. (Apparently Medicare covers the great majority of it though.) No word on the results yet; apparently the doctor has to do some analysis and then send the verdict over to my GP.

As for my superpowers… Nothing yet. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to read minds without much luck. I asked the doctor about the half-life and he said it was six hours, so I’m sure it’ll all be gone by tonight. I wonder if that’s enough time for my DNA to finish mutating?

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  1. So if we all sit close to you tonight do we catch the superpowers? I only ask, cos I’ve just realised I’ve crossed the cables the same way on both my fetchings Tricotella, oh mistress of the cable.

  2. You’re a doctor! Aren’t you around radiation all the time? Or do they make you wear lead aprons so you don’t get superpowers?

    Ooh, gross thought. Maybe I could squirt knitting wool out of my arms like Spider-Man’s webbing!

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