Business Trip

It’s official: I am flying to the States on Sunday morning for nearly three weeks at our LA office. I’ll be staying at the company apartment in Santa Monica. On the first weekend, I’m going to fly up to visit the Carbos. On the second, I’m going to try to get back to Indiana. They’ll be quick visits, but hey, at least I’m getting the big flight for free!

It’s going to be a little weird to be away from Snookums for so long. I refused to get schmoopy about it though. It’s like those people on Survivor; I get so annoyed when they start crying after two weeks without their wife. It’ll be fun to have this little adventure on my own, right? (And you know he’ll be enjoying bachelor life back here…)


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  1. Kris–Tim and I are the same way when one of us (usually me for school stuff) has to be away for more than a couple of days. This is both hopelessly schmoopy AND hopelessly English-teachery, but we always quote lines from John Donne’s “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” to each other–the last few times he’s dropped me off at the airport, he’s yelled “Don’t be sublunary!” at me as I walk into the terminal. Reminding each other to not be like those “Dull sublunary lovers” makes us both feel better and laugh at how super-nerdy we are. Quoting John Donne to each other! So pretentious! Gross! 🙂

    So have a fun trip and don’t be sublunary! (And yes, were he alive today, I think Donne would have written “schmoopy” instead.) 🙂

  2. Company apartment in Santa Monica, eh? Sounds very fancy and fun. Enjoy the company perks – I loved traveling for work for all the fancy hotels and dining.

    We’ll have to wave at the planes flying over head in a couple weeks, since we’re probably on your flight path from LA to Indiana. The girls are always asking me if we know anyone “on that plane” when they see them in the sky (thank heavens we don’t live near a busier airport), so it’ll be fun to have something to speculate on.

  3. what company do you work for again? why do you need to come to the us? that’s awesome! if you’re stopping through chicago, let me know!!

  4. Have a great time back in the US! Glad your new job is working out great for you.

  5. The company is Mobile Messenger. The project I’ve been working on since I started is just about to launch. Somehow I’ve become the de facto mouthpiece for the project, I guess because I’m a decent public speaker and I can translate the technical stuff into business and marketing-speak. I don’t think I’m going to be in Chicago at all, other than possibly switching planes to South Bend. 🙁

    And Staci – tell them I’ll be waving down at them!

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