This is the funniest MetaFilter comment EVER. I like it even better than the original. “Oh, Jesus I wanna get witcha / And read some scripture.” Sheer poetry.


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  1. “Make me re-born-y” is true genius.

  2. I kept picturing Sir Mix-a-Lot performing the song while nuns wiggled their asses on a big Bible (like the video). The guy who wrote it forgot the intro though! It needs something like:

    “Oh my god, Becky. Look at her crucifix! It is so big! She looks like one of those Christian guys girlfriends,
    but you know, who understands those Christian guys? They only talk to her because she looks really religious, okay? I mean, her cross, it’s just so big! I can’t believe it’s just so sacred, it’s like, out there, I mean – hallelujah. Look! She’s just so … pious!”

    (I totally don’t know that from memory beyond the first sentence. I had to look it up. I’m not a freak.)

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