Christmas in July

Ready to fly. Well, my bags are packed and the butterflies in my stomach are finally starting to settle. We just got back from a lovely Christmas in July dinner with Emily and Clare and Bex and Fin. I introduced them to the wondrousness that is American pumpkin pie. (I had to shell out $11 to get real imported Libby’s!) You know, proper roast turkey really should be something we eat more than a few times a year. I’m so full.

Anyway, in less than 12 hours I’ll be boarding my flight to Los Angeles. It looks like I’ll probably be staying here for the duration. I’ve booked tickets to visit my sister in San Fran on the first weekend, and then I’m making an insane 60-hour visit to Indiana on the following one. I should have Internet at both work and the hotel, so expect to hear all about my adventures as they happen!

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  1. Hey dode…forgot to mention…don’t know if you’re allowed to make calls from the hotel, but my cell phone should be a local number, so if you need to ring me, have at it. Happy flying!

  2. The hotel looks gorgeous. Such a great location. Work hard, have fun!

  3. Have fun Kris and don’t party too much up there in the penthouse 🙂

  4. Have fun!
    (I still think pumpkin pie tastes a bit like mushy weet-bix. sorry ;P)

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