Home again!

I’m home!
Well, actually I got home yesterday, but I was in no fit state to post. The flight from LAX was actually one of the best I’ve had. We took off at 10:30pm and I was already feeling drowsy. They served dinner not long after take-off, and I popped one of the prescription sleeping pills my doctor had given me. Then I shoved in my ear plugs, pulled down my sleep mask, and I was OUT. I woke up seven hours later feeling about as refreshed as you can when sleeping upright. I finished the flight by watching Iron Man (SO. KICK. ASS.) and Prince Caspian (which was actually way better than I expected*). We landed on time and I sailed through Immigration thanks to my spiffy RFID-enabled Passport. (Yes, I’m sure I should protest that it’s some sort of privacy invasion, but it’s hard to feel indignant when I’m the one who gets to use the oh-so-tomorrow facial recognition kiosk while everyone else waits in line.) I made a quick detour to the Duty Free shop – cheap booze bonus! – and then met up with Snookums at the Arrivals gate. Needless to say, it was great to see him. At home I unpacked, showered, and napped a bit. At 2pm we headed over to Balmain for the wedding (more in a bit), where I managed to stay awake for a few hours. We ducked out during the reception and headed home. I went to bed around 6pm, and I woke up this morning at 4am. That’s pretty good. I’m not trying to force myself to adjust until after the City2Surf this morning.

It feels so good to sleep in your own bed after three weeks away. And I think the cat even missed me! She’s been very cuddly. It’s nice to be home.


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  1. Welcome home, Kris. Hope it all went well in LA. Looking a bit dark out there at the moment. Raining in Bondi, always makes me nostalgic, no idea what for though. Maybe Summer on English beaches.

  2. Hope the City2Surf went well – thought of you when it poured, hoped you’d finished!

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