I recently cleared out my digital camera’s memory card and here were some of the gems I found:

Amy's birthday cakeMy sister with the little birthday cake Rodd got for her at Tesco. Yes, that’s a tea light on top. We didn’t have any other birthday candles. And please disregard the large bottle of Gordon’s Gin on the table beside her. I, uh, swear we don’t drink a lot. Or something.

A German in a kiltDo not stare directly at the German’s legs! Blindness may ensue. This is my friend Christian, who Snookums and I call Sid (for various geeky reasons). He apparently lost some bet and as punishment had to wear this kilt all the way across London to pick up a girl. As compensation for embarrassing him, here’s a link to his extremely helpful PHP website.



Here’s my hair following the first of the “Intense Red” dye jobs. I get it done about every six weeks, although I really should get it done more often these days (my hair grows fast). Reds are also very tricky to maintain, as they tend to fade quickly and the color can wash out. I finally wised up and got some expensive yet effective color preserving shampoos. It was so funny when I went home in June, because half my family didn’t even recognize me.

Saturday in the park with AmyThere’s my sister again. This was from our ill-fated trip to the UK Blogger meet-up. See, I told you we were there!


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  1. wow. nice red.

    yeah, reds are a pain to maintain…especially when they ravage my hair with split ends, only to fade to orange a few weeks later. permanent my @$$. 😉

  2. Exactly. I’m like, why do I bother sitting with my head in that oven-like heater at the stylist when half the color runs down the drain during the first shower?

  3. oh, you get it done-done? i’ve only done it myself…tho i keep warning jody that, after the wedding, i’m going to cut off all of my hair and go platinum. and you *have* to go to a stylist for that.

  4. Yeah, I have too much hair to do it myself. When I was blond I’d do the roots myself, but I with the red I’d have it all over the bathroom. It usually takes more than one box too, so the expense of going to the stylist isn’t that much more. And they do such a more thorough job than I ever could. They, like, paint every inch of my hairline. It’s very relaxing.

  5. ugh–the hairline is the worst. i can never get it right.

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