Apologies for the radio silence. I’m on Day 3 of my “Object-Oriented Design and Analysis using UML” course, and we don’t have computer access in the classroom. I’ll be done tomorrow…


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  1. miss you. seriously. i checked your blog three times yesterday. I really need to get on with other stuff. I am living vicariou7sly through others too much these days.

    I feel like a stalker. Don’t be alarmed.

  2. OOD! You’re having fun, aren’t you? j/k It is always the analysis bit that killed me.

  3. Actually it’s the analysis that I’m really enjoying. I’m the goddamn QUEEN OF USE CASES, baby! It’s the design part that puts me to sleep. Sequence diagrams… design patterns… BLLLEURGH!

    (Note: If you have a nerdy husband though, it’s worth learning the names of a few design patterns. Gets them all hot and bothered.)

  4. Lol. Yeah, dinner talk with my husband is tech talk. We need more non nerd friends, I think.

  5. Who are (were – I’m catching up here) you doing the training with? sounds like an Object Training course….

  6. Yep! That was them. 🙂

  7. I ask because I work for Object Consulting as a BA 🙂 You want use cases, you’ve got use cases baby!

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