Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote
The NYT calls out the Republicans for running the dirtiest Presidential campaign in memory. Experts declare Obama won the 2nd debate. Both Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter send me emails (via Democrats Abroad) reminding me to send in my absentee ballot. And lo and behold, Indiana may be a swing state!

I rushed to the Post Office yesterday and spent TWELVE DAMN DOLLARS to send this thing via Express Post. It probably would’ve gotten to Indiana in time with normal Air Mail, but I wanted to make sure that this Hoosier gets to play her part in history. Thanks for the reminders, Joe and Jimmy!

Absentee Ballot

Interestingly, the Aussie clerk at the post office was astounded that I couldn’t just go vote at the US Consulate on Election Day. “Why don’t you do that? That’s what we do!” I had no answer. It really would be a lot simpler than this craziness (which changes for every single state).

Why in the world is the Democratic symbol there a ROOSTER?

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  1. We were on holiday in the Outer Hebrides for the last election at home, and the postal vote didn’t arrive until the day it had to be back at the voting station. Very frustrating!
    I wonder what our overseas system is? Glad you got your vote in!

  2. This is the first year in ages ‘they’re’ saying Indiana may go democrat – or rooster I guess. Interesting.

  3. Can you imagine if Evan Bayh had been the VP pick? I’d sign up to campaign for them. Love that dude.

  4. I suppose the Aus embassies have to provide voting facilities because its compulsory for Aussies to vote, even if they’re overseas. But hang on – NZ and the UK do it too, and voting isn’t compulsory in those places. Hmmm.

    It’s tempting to say that it’s because the US doesn’t care much about the rest of the world, but I won’t. 🙂

    As for the republican symbol, its not a rooster, its a cock. As in cock up.

  5. Do not even start me on the difficulties of obtaining an absentee ballot. Oh, too late. I especially love when fvap links to ‘helpful’ bits of the Pennsylvania sites. I can’t find squat on that site. Also, apparently? Pennsylvania is trialling online voting for absentees. It’s in the news. But can I find info about it ANYWHERE? No. No, I can’t.

    And please, accept my apology for blogging via your comments. I’m just — feh!

    And I totally paid $24 to get in my vote for Al Gore in time. Like that helped.

  6. No, the Republican one is clearly an eagle. I’m talking about the Democratic rooster! (And we don’t say “cock up”, regardless.)


  7. The rooster thing – it all started in Indiana. Apparently it was chosen because of a chant that was used for the 1840 campaign of Joseph Chapman, “Crow, Chapman, crow!” Which was meant to be encouraging to the party. I dunno, people in 1840 were weird. Anyways, since roosters crow…the rooster was adopted as the democratic symbol in Indiana (as well as Ohio and possibly some other Midwest states). There is a plaque in Greenfield, Indiana commemorating it as the birthplace of the rooster symbol. You asked!

  8. Help me understand this.  In a post from September 28, you stress the importance of voting and how it impacts our lives.  Then today you proudly tout your ballot voting “straight ticket”.  It’s not my business who you support, but voting straight ticket shows your ignorance and sheer laziness.  You preach the importance of voting in a democracy, but you’re too apathetic to research the entire group of candidates and issues.  Effectively, you have become the same person you despise.  When you show disdain for a conservative bible thumper or criticize Sarah Palin for having strong beliefs, you should look in the mirror and realize how similar you are.  You are not an “independent thinker” as you seem to believe. “Liberal schill” would be a better description.

  9. Will – I didn’t show you the whole ballot. In Indiana you can vote for a party and then split your vote for individual races.

    Maybe you should hesitate before jumping to conclusions about people. But I suppose it’s a lot more fun to be self-righteous and point out others’ shortcomings. Is that part of your strong beliefs?

  10. brunette_mama: That’s awesome! Thanks for the clarification.

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