Veggie PatchSpring!
I know I was blathering about it yesterday, but it really has been lovely this week. (It helps that I’m on vacation.) On Monday the Snook and I took the GoGet car out to Lidcombe to go to Bunnings and Spotlight. We’d settled on a compromise in the garden: I can have a small veggie patch in the corner, but I have to weed and water it myself. We came back with enough plants and soil to get started. And here it is! We picked the spot that gets some good sunlight for part of the day, but it’s still partially protected by the tree and the roof. (See all those rocks on the ledge? Those came out of the dirt!) I bought a combination pack of seedlings that included four tomato plants, two capsicum, eggplant, beans, snow peas, and chillis. (I’ve also planted two pumpkin seedlings in their own patch elsewhere.) So far they seem to be doing great! Today I’m going to put down some wet newspapers as mulch. Yep, here in Chippendale we’re all about sustainability! (I’m sad we’re going to miss that Festival this weekend.)

Risotto PrimaveraOh! And here’s the other thing that really made me feel like the Farmer’s Wife this week: Risotto Primavera. It’s from the September issue of Delicious magazine. While the Snook manfully heaved dirt and sifted rocks in my garden, I sat barefoot on the patio shelling fresh peas and broad beans into a bowl. The peas were so beautiful nestled in their pods, and the broad beans revealed a brilliant green under their thick outer skins. The recipe also calls for onion, garlic, white wine, parmesan, and asparagus tips. It turned out so delicious. I garnished it with chopped mint and extra cheese. It’s easy to eat well this time of year.

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  1. Shelling peas and broadbeans we used to all sit round the table and do it when I visited my grandmother.

    The peas were from her garden.
    We had some in the vegie patch at our old house but we ate them without cooking them straigth out of the garden…Sweet fresh peas.

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