AICN‘s got some big Buffy premiere spoilers. They certainly sound more plausible than some of the other stuff I’ve read.

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  1. good stuff…tho i wish i had the will power to not peek! i was never the kind of kid to snoop for my christmas presents, but if i happened to find them accidentally, i’d definitely go through them. 😉

  2. And I’m just leavin’ them out there for you with a big sign sayin’ “OPEN ME BRIGITA!” aren’t I?

    Personally I like surprises. But I have zero willpower. I’m a spoiler maniac.

  3. same here. it was all i could do not to read everything i could get my hands on about “memento.” but then in retrosepct, i don’t think that that info would have made much of a difference.

  4. good… I haven’t seen it and I’ve read everything I can get my hands on. At least it isn’t completely ruined. 🙂

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