Gmail themes

Gmail themes
I logged into Gmail this morning and noticed that things looked different. Then a message popped up telling me to check out the new Themes tab. Holy crap! That’s awesome! I’m rockin’ the Desk theme right now. It appears that some of them actually change throughout the day to reflect the weather in your location. Sooooo cool! (Note: It appears they’re rolling this out slowly. Snookums doesn’t have it on his account yet, nor does anybody else in my office.)

Edited to add: The Gmail blog has more info and pictures of the themes.


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  1. I got this morning also. All i could think of first was holy duck shit ive broken it (long story involving me and computers and tears). Then i realised what was going on and ive got the summer beach one on…. making me think of christmas

  2. Looks pretty slick. I’ll have to check it out when my account actually gets it.

  3. Do you use iGoogle? They have themes like that too! I like the ones where the weather changes according to the local weather! 😀

  4. I read a tip that you have to enable one of the widgets in Google labs to “trigger” the themes.

    I like Bubblegum, the colors are so soft on the eyes. Might switch to a change=y theme though just to see the changes throughout the day.

  5. i cant see the themes in my inbox =(

  6. I just refreshed my gmail and the themes appeared! Tree asked for my location, so I assume that one will change throughout the day, which I like. Anyone else come across a changing theme?

  7. I am a NINJA!! so much fun. when I hadn’t been on for a bit a sweet wee geisha started dusting.

  8. I picked candy! I changed, then changed back to normal, then decided that I couldn’t resist scallops and ice cream and dorky girls!

  9. I’ve got it too – some sort of seaside thing, and it does seem to change!

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