How stoked am I that the Goonies DVD finally comes out this month? I just pre-ordered. And check out the Goonies all grown up! Some thoughts…

  • Data: So cute now. He looks like my uncle Jimmy. (You guys knew my family was Korean, right?) He should be in more movies.
  • Mikey: In a weird psychic way, Sean Astin’s movie roles are intertwined with my life. Seriously. First, there was The Goonies when I was 7-years-old, which I loved. My sister and I’ve been quoting that movie ever since. Then Sean starred in a little film called Rudy. Two years later, I found myself at Notre Dame. Now Sean’s playing Sam Gamgee in the three Lord of the Rings movies. And me? I happen to be dating the biggest Tolkien fan in Europe right now. It’s fate, I tell ya.
  • Stef – Martha Plimpton looks like Martha Plimpton. She has awkward bangs. At least she looks like a girl now (as opposed to that weird “doing-gender-ambiguous-fashion-shoots” phase).
  • Mouth – Oh Corey Feldman. How I loved you and your parachute pants. Too bad you’re scary now.
  • Andie – She seriously looks way different from what I expected. She looks like she’s aged a lot less than the other people. I wonder if she’s had some work done.
  • Chunk – He’s adorable! All skinny too! He looks the most normal out of all of them.
  • Brand – Yum. He’s been hot forever. I can’t even see him now without thinking of the “armpit licking” scene from Flirting With Disaster. He’s gonna marry Minnie Driver and they’re gonna have a passel of tall, broad-shouldered striking-looking children.
  • Who’s that in the back? Is that Richard Donner, or Mikey and Brand’s dad?

I’m gonna go listen to some Cyndi Lauper.


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  1. wow–chunk is a cutie! he actually looks a bit like a good friend of mine. of course i won’t be telling him that…

    i passed by sean astin when i was going to work out in the Rock my freshman year. i was with that “rudy sucks since i have to walk 20 minutes out of my way to get to comp & lit” contingent so all i could thing was, “sheesh you’re short.”

  2. Thank you! I’ve been trying to think of the name of the movie w/ the armpit scene!!! You wouldn’t believe the looks you get when you try and describe it to someone w/o acutal proof that it exists. 🙂 And Goonies? *sigh*

  3. who played sloth and what does he really look like?.. can u e-mail me the answer if u know it

  4. Arrrghhh! Sorry to disappoint you Becky, but this is not a Goonies website. I suggest you look at the IMDB or something. All I know is that he was a football player. Seriously, people, when did I become the Goonies expert? I should have Google remove this link.

  5. the guy in the back must be Richard Donner, as the guy who played Mikey and Brands dad (Mr Walsh – who was also the guy who wrote the script for Free Willy i read somewhere) died of cancer a few years ago…

  6. Thanks… Yeah, I figured that out when I watched the DVD, like, a year ago. 🙂 But I didn’t know about Mr. Walsh. Too bad.

  7. I have the latest deaths for the Goonies. Sloth died of heart failure in 1989, mama Frateli died of throat cancer about the same time and so did Mr. Walsh.

  8. Does anyone know if Josh Brolin’s hair was dyed in “The Goonies”? Please tell me if you do.

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