Here it goes again!

Probably not news to some of you, but I just discovered that Notre Dame’s Marching Band performed OKGO’s “Here It Goes, Again” at the USC game this year. You remember the video, right, with the dancers on treadmills? Be sure and watch the formations.

That is AWESOME. As students we all used to go nuts whenever they’d do a number that required a bunch of them to put down their instruments and dance. Combining that with the actual dance from the video AND making the giant characters move back and forth on their treadmills? GREATEST THING EVER. (Link courtesy of Peter Sagal, who calls it “the highest accomplishment of human culture to date”.)


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  1. Cool. I’m not usually one for 1/2 time shows but, that’s pretty good!

  2. Well, at least they make halftime worth watching!

  3. That’s sweet!

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