What a glorious day! As I was about to leave for work, I looked down and noticed that a new menu had been shoved through our mailslot: Papa John’s! Yeah, yeah, globalization is bad and all, but I love me some Papa. It’s cheap, it comes with garlic sauce, and it leaves a distinctive smell in your dorm room for days. And check out their website. I love how they’re all tryin’ to explain to the British what you get with your pizza (the aforementioned magic garlic dipping sauce and pepperoncinis). Damn. I know what I’m havin’ for dinner tonight!


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  1. wow–Papa’s is multi-national?! even though he went to a military academy J. also has yummy drunken memories of papa’s. sounds good even now (9:46a)!

    how do you think it’ll go over in the UK?

  2. Hopefully well. I mean, Pizza Hut and Dominos are both here, but there’s much less of a monopoly than there is in the U.S. In fact, I’d say most people just order from their local place. We’ve got menus from at least a dozen delivery joints in our area at home. I guess it all depends on whether the person has any sort of pretentiousness regarding American food and crap American food in particular. Snookums, for example, is partly Italian and he always wants to get pizzas from the little man around the corner, who makes them by hand and takes forever. Me, I prefer to get them from Tops Pizza, because it only takes 20 minutes and the pies are much bigger. But now I’ll be gettin’ it from Papa!

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