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Macadamia tree and herbsMoorgate Street Macadamia!
Last Monday I headed over to Michael‘s to pick up our veggie box and we got to talking about the neighborhood’s “food for the future” plan. There are lots of new fruit trees and vegetables and herbs over near Myrtle Street, but so far none over on Moorgate. Michael mentioned that he still had a macadamia tree that needed planting, and did I know of a spot? That night I sent him a photo of this bare spot in the sidewalk, where a previous tree had been damaged and dug up by the Council. “Perfect,” he said. “Come by Friday night and we’ll plant your tree.” So we did! He and I set to work with shovels and a pickaxe. (“Wow, so the Council gives you permission to bust up the footpath if necessary?” “Um… Let’s just be quick about it.”) We actually met like half a dozen neighbours in the course of the planting, all of whom thought it was a great idea and pledged to help with watering. Michael let me do the honours of actually planting the macadamia. He suggested we should add some more plants and perhaps a sign to make it look planned and cared for, which should hopefully reduce the chance of somebody vandalizing it. Today, the Snook and I added mint and parsley near the base along with a sign that I painted. (“FREE HERBS – Please leave some 4 others… and help water!”) I think it looks really cute! I hope the rest of the street likes it.


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  1. I do hope it stands the test. I don’t know why but public planted flowers have always met with and untimely end whenever I’ve attempted it. There are some very mean selfish people out there. Or maybe it’s just where I live. Good Luck to your tree and herbs.

  2. It’s lasted 24 hours so far!

  3. Remember we have a mango tree in need of a good home…

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