Wipeout Australia

We watched the premiere episode of Wipeout Australia tonight. It was great! They did an excellent job of capturing the fun of the original: stupid telestrator jokes, mockery, silly puns, visual gags, and people getting punched in the nuts. I was curious about the course, because it looked exactly like the one in America. To my surprise, it actually is the exact same course… and it’s in Buenos Aires! Who knew? But the only disappointment of the show was the prize: $20K. Man, the Yanks get $50K! That sucks.


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  1. you didn’t? Really! You watched the WHOLE SHOW… speechless. Good Lord.

  2. We did. I have a secret child-like love for this show. I think it comes of watching too many Roadrunner cartoons as a child.

  3. I watched it as I was in it!!! It looked like fun on the american version that’s why I tried out and made it on the Aussie version I hope you all had fun watching The Mum With The Guns Paola!! I had a great time and I will never forget the experience.

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