More than 100 people are now dead in the Victorian bushfires. It’s the worst natural disaster in Australia… ever. There’s really just no way to process that. Firemen have likened the scene down there to a war zone, or the post-apocalyptic landscape from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Though there were a number of fires in New South Wales too, thankfully we were spared the worst of the hot weather and no one was killed.

Updated: The death toll is now 128 and expected to rise. Good god.


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  1. Horrible. As someone who lives in Southern California and has lived through lots of fire seasons, I have to say I’ve never seen anything as horrific as this. We’ve been hearing a lot about it on the news here and really really feel for these people. What a tragedy, and how terrifying

  2. Truly terrible to see the devastation down in VIC. The footage of the small communities that have been wiped out is just shocking. I’m having a clear through of my wardrobe and cupboards to see if I can donate to the Salvos seeing as I’m stoney broke.

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