Socks and death…

Of socks and fake deaths…
This is nuts. You think my Knitters Guild drama is silly? The knitting universe was ROCKED ten days ago by the revelation that yet another sock designer had faked her death. I’m not even joking. (The previous instance.) The MO seems to be to set up a business selling yarn and patterns, fleece a whole lot of people, disappear with the cash, and have a “friend” post an obituary for you. Bonus points if you come up with a rare yet believable disease and manage to get people to donate cash to your grieving family.

And you thought we just liked to play around with yarn.


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  1. D’you remember the controversy about some bank refunding money because they thought the Blue Moon Fibre Arts club was a scam? I’m not dissing Blue Moon, but perhaps the bank was just being sensible.

  2. Fark!

    I’ll stick to donating via the Red Cross 😉

  3. Mystical Creations Yarn anyone? LOL

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