Wealthy commuters shun public transport

“Wealthy commuters shun public transport.” You know, stories like this make it harder and harder for me to think anything nice about people who live in Mosman. Whack ’em with a congestion charge, I say. If London can charge five quid (or whatever) to access the CBD, so should we. Obviously the Bridge Toll isn’t enough. Then put that money straight into public transport.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go catch my bus.


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  1. I agree to a point. But our area (Canada Bay Council) has CRAPPY public transport. We are horrificly undercatered for since the new housing developments started going up around Abbotsford & Chiswick. The busses are packed by the time they get to Five Dock, so cause delays in getting to work. Not to mention busses that don’t show up late or not at all. I would say there are a lot of people driving in out of pure frustration (from our area)

  2. Fortunately, even people in Mosman are diverse. One of my most admirable work colleagues has recently been elected as a Councillor on Mosman Council. His major focus is sustainability, and he has all sorts of wonderful ideas he works tirelessly to promote and have adopted. Nevertheless, Sydney does need a much better and greener transportation plan.

  3. Unfortunately articles like this make it sound like the emphasis is less on availability of transport and more about snobbishness and money. I know it’s not true across the board, but it still gives me a bad impression of the community. I hope your friend can change some attitudes, LynS.

    (I’ll admit a great deal of it stems from that Chaser sketch where they polled Mosman residents about a proposed plan for a mosque.)

  4. OK, wait a minute here. I live in Ku-ring-gai council and unless you live RIGHT on the train line you can’t get into the city by public transport. And there is a LOT of our area that are not within walking distance to a bus or train.
    I think just saying that we are somehow rich snobs who shun public transport is narrow minded. There are a lot of other factors that go into my decision of how I get to work.
    I hate driving (just ask Rob). If I could, I would totally take a bus or train to work. I did it for years. I’m just not lucky enough to live anywhere near where the buses and trains go.
    This is just another example of the Sydney Morning Herald getting a bunch of statistics and jumping to conclusions without any further research.

  5. considering the size of KuRingGui and the minimal public transport available outside the rail / Pacific Highway corridor – I’m pretty amazed that 49% of us are using public transport (I do 2-4 times a month)

  6. I have to agree with Tia on the Canada bay area – peak hour PT is just crazy here.

    I drive because where i work is not a business centre and is woefully serviced by public transport. it takes double the time to get there if you go by PT, and the cost is more too as you have to travel out and around. i’d love to be able to PT it to work.

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