Cat-It Drinking Fountain

I forgot to mention that we got a Cat-It Drinking Fountain last weekend. Snookums had noticed that Professor Death liked playing with his water bowl, so we figured he might prefer running water. The pet store at Broadway was out of stock but had an ex-display model they offered us for $50, so we snapped it up. As expected, both cats were pretty wary at first. Petey’s come to like it a lot though, and he often drinks from the water spilling out over the dome. We’ve heard that urinary issues in male cats are both life-threatening and expensive, so anything that keeps him drinkin’ water is a good thing!


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  1. heard he made a HUGE mess of it on the weekend

    p.s. trying to win most comments for this year – as I read as an rss feed I miss making the comments as I go

  2. We had to move it into the bathroom. Petey decided he was one of those Fishing Cats, and he splooshed the water EVERYWHERE.

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