Cats and cupboards

Cats and cupboards
The foot board beneath our oven used to be broken, and Dr. Amy would climb in and hide under there. We didn’t want Petey learning that trick though, so when we got him Rodd finally fixed the board back in place. Amy was really confused and disappointed. She kept wandering the kitchen like she was looking for the entrance to Narnia. Unfortunately it seems to have spurred a sudden leap in intelligence. She’s figured out how to open cupboards. THIS IS BAD. Now I walk in the kitchen and it’s like that scene in The Sixth Sense, when all the doors are hanging open. I actually watched her do it this morning while I was making breakfast. She walked right up to the corner cupboard and used her head to pull it open, then climbed in amongst the pots and pans. (The doors have magnetic spring catches on them, but the springs are pretty much dead. Obviously we’ll have to replace them sooner than expected.) Now whenever I go to cook dinner, I have to check for cat hair in the pans. I just hope they don’t start teaming up against us…


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  1. Dude! Last week Quack worked out how to open my wardrobe door so now I have to lock her out of the room when I go to work so she doesn’t rip the crap out of all my clothes 🙁

  2. mmm thankfully ours cant yet – and the weekend brought some quietening down in cat world – not sure if it was the rain or what. But they were sleepy and happy and not too scratchy

  3. Our little kitty cat Nala use to open the fridge door. I thought my hubby was being lazy and not closing the door properly until I saw her do it =D

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