Okay, I just read this NYT article about the efficacy of using wagers and competition to promote weight loss. Hmmm. I know that doing the Nike+ challenges against some of you motivated me to run farther. Maybe it would also work to drop some weight? I found this site Fatbet.net that hosts weight loss challenges. Each person gets to nominate the amount they want to lose in the time frame, so you can participate even if you don’t have a lot to drop. We could also nominate an actual wager that would provide incentive. I’m thinking actual cash that the winner would put towards a new wardrobe. Thoughts? Anybody interested?


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  1. Yeah, I need to lose weight – and I guess a new kind of incentive might help.

    On a related note (web-based incentives to do things), I loved http://www.chorewars.com, until the other members of our adventuring party dropped out.

  2. Heh. We tried Chore Wars for a while too, but I could never get the Snook to look at it very often. 🙂

    Okay, I’m going to count you in on my Fatbet, if we get enough people to make it interesting…

  3. I’d be interested in using this to trim off the last 5kg I’ve been wanting to discard. Only caveat is that I’m currently overcommitted time wise & would rather put it off until I move.

  4. Sounds like fun. I’ve some how managed to gain a little weight since my wedding last August.
    Well as they say, now I’m married I can let myself go, I’d still prefer to be a bit more healthier.

  5. I’m interested, too! I need to lose this last 20 pounds by the end of the year!

  6. OK. Why not I need to lose about 20-25kg… That’s a lot of weight! AND I have no money so cannot afford to lose! I’m thinking of joining weightwatchers…

  7. Okay, I’ve set it up and sent invites to you folks who’ve expressed interest…

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