Oscar Contest – last chance!

Oscar Contest – Last Chance!
There’s less than 24 hours til the 2009 Oscar telecast begins, which means you’d better enter my Contest if you haven’t already! It seems a lot of folks have left it til the last minute, and the number of entries has been climbing rapidly this week. We’re up to 360!

As usual, I’m asking if any of you with Tivos would be willing to volunteer to report on the number of dead people in the annual tribute montage. With this many entries, I think the tie breaker is going to be really important! (Unless there’s an upset. COME ON, UPSET!)


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  1. When’s it on in Sydney? I’ll record it for ya

  2. It’s on at 5pm Pacific, which is noon here. But duh, I could record it too, ding dong. 🙂 It’s just that I’ll be updating the results live throughout the day based on the website, but the website doesn’t list the number of dead people. So to announce the winner as fast as possible, I need somebody who’s counting it pretty much as it airs.

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