Oscar Contest 2009

We’ve passed 400 entries in the Oscar Contest! Of course, I’ve already had to clean several duplicate and suspect entries out of there. “One entry per person” means just what it says. You can’t enter again a few days later. Get it?

Update: Entries are now closed! We ended up with 459 in total. You can track your progress on this page. (Hopefully you entered a distinctive name or URL so you can find yourself!) It’ll get updated as each award is announced. Good luck everybody!


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  1. Interminable musical numbers and excessive love for Slumdog…this is shaping to be a lousy Oscar year.

  2. You’re not joking. We’ve got like a 144-way tie going on now. I need an upset NOW.

  3. Thank GOD for “Departures.” That’s done it!

  4. Yeah, that was surprising. I thought Waltz with Bashir was a lock, but I guess the animation was too edgy for the average Academy voter.

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