The Swallow’s Treasure

The Swallow’s Treasure
This is the second of the three necklaces I bought in the Etsy Bushfire Appeal Shop two weeks ago. (Here’s the first one.) This one is called “The Swallow’s Treasure” and it’s from Eclectic Moi. It’s not the type of thing I normally go for, yet for some reason the little bird really appealed to me.

The Swallow's Treasure   The Swallow's Treasure

The first photo is me this morning; the second one is from the seller. The swallow and chain are brass, and she carries a little Swarovski crystal beneath. Snookums was a little dubious about it at first. He said it reminded him of the joke in Monty Python and the Holy Grail about swallows carrying around coconuts. The seller’s description sounded as if she was referencing a story or myth though. So I did a bit of googling, and whoa! It’s a Korean folk tale! I had no idea. Isn’t that just perfect? I love it.


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  1. You’ve picked up some lovely treasures, Kris! You should wear necklaces more, you have a good neck for it 😀 LOVE that it’s a Korean folk tale. Totally serendipitous.

  2. And of course the Snook’s reponse on reading the story was: “So, does your crystal grow into a gourd full of poo, or one full of house-building nanobots?”

    He also claims brass is going to turn my neck green.

    He does like me in pretty jewelry though. Makes me feel bad for not wearing it more often.

  3. I love the bird too! I can see why you chose it 🙂

  4. My Korean co-worker just confirmed that it’s a very common story in Korean and everybody knows it. He says that swallows are meant to be lucky.

    I’m certainly feeling very lucky now! I just picked it because it was pretty. I love that it has a story behind it.

  5. So I’m with the Snook…is “putrid night soil” poop? Ha!

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