Ravelry Project Bags

Ooooh, Ravelry projects bags! Anybody want to do a combined order?

Edited to add: As Miss Fee rightly pointed out, these things tend to sell out quick so best not to dawdle. I’ve just placed an order for six of the project bags. So far four of them have been claimed, so let me know if anyone wants the others. The cost with shipping works out to $17 AUD.


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  1. Put me in for a bag, and one of those My Name is… Badges 😉

  2. Done, Bex. (I emailed you.)

  3. Any bags left? If so I’ll put my hand up for one please.

  4. Yep, just the one! Okay, Kate and Vanessa (who emailed) get the last two.

  5. Damn! Just missed out.

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