Petey Update

Petey Update: Today’s the day our little kitten gets neutered. I know we have to do it; it’s what responsible pet owners do. But I was still dreading taking him in. We had to take away the cat food at 9pm last night, which meant that by morning he was a very pissed-off little fellow. We managed to shut him up in the laundry so Amy could have her breakfast. Then we had to get him to the carrier and over to the vet. They keep him all day and we pick him up after work. Apparently the procedure for boy cats is pretty simple, and he should be back to normal within a day or two. I just feel guilty over causing pain to a little creature when I can’t explain that it’s for his own good. (This is another reason I don’t have kids.)

Update: Just spoke to the vet. He’s doing fine! We’ll pick him up in a couple hours.


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  1. You don’t have children because you wouldn’t want to take them to be neutered? Fair enough! My choices were made for different reasons though.

  2. No, just because I feel conflicted about doing stuff that I know will make them feel bad. God forbid I should have to decide whether to get a boy-child circumcised!

  3. Kris, I think you’d make a marvelous mum. You don’t have to make many decisions to cause pain. Just criminal amounts of tickeling.

    How’s the wee kitty doing? Poor thing. But the right thing.

  4. yes, totally the right thing. Personally I don’t under people who let their “pets” roam free and not be de-sexed. I keep our cat inside, but still think it’s worth while getting the snip done =D

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