Petey Update

Petey Update: He’s fine, just as the vet said he would be. Snookums took him into the house while I was parking the car, and he said that he seemed really excited to be back at home. We weren’t supposed to give him any food for a while, but he didn’t seem in the mood for eating anyway. He hid under the futon for a few hours to recuperate. Then about 8:30 he emerged, gave a stretch, and was back to his old self. I might be imagining it, but he seems more affectionate now too. He cuddled with us for a while when we went to bed, and he sat on my lap for a while this morning at breakfast. Dr. Amy, of course, was rather put out to discover that the interloper had returned. So we had to give her some extra cuddles too…

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  1. He’s being more affectionate since he’s thinking he really better behave as not sure what you’ll do to him next.

    I’m about to do some cat sitting for a friend and her lot better behave! Maybe getting someone who is allergic to cats for this job isn’t so wise ..hehe. Don’t worry i have a nice stick to use.

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