New Hair!

New hair!
I took the day off today to get my hair done, have a massage, and generally just take it easy. I told my hairdresser Desiree that I wanted something a bit shorter, and I wanted a more interesting colour. She did foils in “vibrant purple” and “hot pink,” and then did the re-did the base in aubergine.

Getting the foils The base is applied It's turning purple... All done!

And there it is! If you’re in Sydney and you need a new stylist, I can’t recommend Partners Hair Glebe enough. Desiree’s taken me blonde and short, allover pink, my chocolate Katie Holmes bob (Why can I not find a photo??), and even retro as Lucy. I love her!


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  1. I just booked in for my birthday $55 cut. Probably not with Desiree though. This will be my first time at Partners in about 3 maybe 4 years. The pink is good. Viva La Rose!

  2. Oh cool! Tell them I sent you. 🙂

  3. Huh. It appears my server time was doing something weird yesterday, as I clearly left this comment after yours, Rach! Seems to be fixed now though.

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