Birthday Skirt

Birthday SkirtBirthday Skirt
I was coming home from SSK on Saturday afternoon when I spotted a market stall on King Street selling handmade skirts. They were so cute! I hemmed and hawed while I waited for my bus. I knew that Fee and Tia and Bex would tell me that an A-line skirt is the simplest thing in the world to sew, and that I should just make one myself. And they’d be right. But these were right there, and the various embellishments she had on them were so gorgeous. I decided to go for it. I modelled it for Snookums at home and he pronounced it very pretty. The applique circles are made from old kimono fabric! I wore it to tea on Sunday and felt very special indeed. The seller emailed me today (we exchanged details) to say that she’s working on getting a website set up. More details when I have them!


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  1. LOVE IT! And I am certainly not opposed to buying something handmade if I love it, even if I can make it myself. Stimulate that economy, Kris! It’s very cute!

  2. Heehee. And as Fiona pointed out, I can use it as a pattern/example if I want to make my own!

  3. That is really cute. And applique like that is really fiddly to do, even if you have a special kind of machine foot. I think you done good.

  4. love it – and yes you can copy it – actually it is cuter than you described

  5. Besides it also encourages the hand made concept!

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