Cold sore.

Crap. You know what you really DON’T NEED when your self-esteem has already taken a beating? A frickin’ cold sore. It’s early stages; I’m going nuclear with the lysine and Zovirax. (Interestingly, I only get them when my system is stressed. Am I getting sick? Was it my lack of sleep last week courtesy of the cats? Was my depression over the diet situation the cause… or just another symptom?)


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  1. My hubby gets them, maybe 2-3 times a year. he always feels wretched before they appear. We reckon it’s one of the symptoms, like the virus kicking into gear again. Of course, like virus it attacks when your immune is weak, so sleep deprivation is no good, neither is stress. Lysine seems to be the only thing that helps, the healing times for hubby’s Cold sores seems to be much faster since he started mainlining lysine as soon as he feels a tingle. You have my sympathy, cold sores suck. Does The Snook get them too? I don’t, and I’m just curious about couples where one has HSV and one not. Hubby gets very worried about passing on the virus to the baby, so unfair, no kisses.

  2. I’ve been mainlining lysine, vitamin c, and zinc since yesterday. I’ve also been icing it down (which some people think slows down the virus replication). Like your hubby, I feel pretty wretched when they’re coming on. The sore itself wouldn’t be so bad except for the neuralgia pain (I get pain all up the side of my face) and the swollen, achy lymph nodes.

    Snookums has never gotten a sore. Of course, the odds are that he’s probably got the virus – like 80% of the population does – but it’s never expressed itself. We’re very careful not to smooch whenever I’ve got an outbreak. My mom gets them, so I’m pretty sure that’s where I got it from. Luckily my outbreaks have gotten fewer and farther between as I get older. I’m hoping eventually they stop all together.

  3. They truly do suck. I hope it heals up quickly for you.

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