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Concerned Homeowners
We attended our first Strata AGM tonight! Well, technically not our first, seeing as how last year we didn’t go on account of the Strata Manager having our address wrong. But this was the first one that we’d actually been invited to, so we went. I was surprised that only about half of the units in the building were represented. (Is that normal?) The meeting went well, and the stupid Manager really copped it for everything they’d screwed up in the past year. (We may boot them entirely. Any recommendations?) Snookums decided to join the Executive Committee, which made me very proud. We got to meet a lot of our neighbours, and they’re all really awesome and nice. We all had a good whinge about the “doof-doof” idiot across the street who parties every weekend. Five of us walked home together, and I got to proudly show off my little macadamia tree and herbs (which I replanted last weekend). It’s nice to finally feel like we’re part of the building!

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  1. i just resigned from the committee after hearly 5 years of service – I have done what I can and had enough – but we did do over $500k worth of work in that time.

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