Adventures in Twitter

Adventures in Twitter
Yesterday I idly tweeted a snarky comment wondering if enough time had passed since the mid-90’s Swing fad that I could go see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy without feeling like “a total poser.”

Little did I anticipate that BBVD is actually on Twitter and would send me a response. Wow. Unfortunately I realised too late that we’re baby-sitting that night, so we’re going to have to miss it. Sorry, BBVD!


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  1. The world of Twitter keeps getting weirder and weirder.

    I gotta say, I still haven’t really wrapped my head around Twitter’s utility. I use it, but it just seems like a micro-blog for people with short attention spans, and I worry about its Idiocracy-like implications. Soon we’ll be down to 10 words or less.

  2. I was saying the same thing a few weeks ago, but I think I’m getting sucked in. I’ve now reached a critical mass of friends and colleagues on there. I’ve actually picked up some really great work-related links from it this week. (Of course, it helps if you’re in the mobile/web/social-networking industry, since that’s 50% of the people on Twitter right there.) It also came in handy yesterday morning when I needed someone with a Mac to convert a file. Think of it as a giant chat room, rather than some trendy paradigm-shifter.

  3. Isn’t that weird? I once did a twitter post mentioning The Proclaimers (“500 Miles”), and the next day they followed me.

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