In defense of musicals

Some nice discussion in defense of musicals over at AskMetafilter. I always have to bookmark these things because every few years the Snook declares he hates all musicals, and I have to point out that that’s a silly thing to say.


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  1. 2 words – Sweeney Todd…

  2. I have a secret love for Musicals. I think my favourite is Kiss me Kate. but shhhh.

    It’s a good little discussion on the topic. I like it. Will also bookmark just in case anyone finds out about the Kiss me Kate thing.

  3. Omg Musical Theatre is the best form of theatre ever!

    Both Sweeney Todd and Kiss Me Kate are awesome musicals. My top three are “The Last 5 Years” by Jason Robert Brown, Jeckyll and Hyde, and The Little Mermaid (yes, the Disney movie – seeing the on stage version when I go to NYC in October).

    Seriously – as if everything is not ten times better once it is sung in 3 part harmony with an awesome tap number to accompany it???

  4. Dr Horrible’s Sing-along-Blog. Not possible to dislike it.

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