Kris the Romulan

Kris the RomulanKris the Romulan
Neat! Kevin pointed me to this fun Star Trek app that turns a photo of you into a 3D character from the Trek universe. I was going to be the sexy Uhura chick, but she ended up looking a little pig-nosed. Romulan Kris turned out much funnier. At least now I have a vague idea what I’d look like bald!


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  1. that’s…terrifying.

  2. It really is. Rodd said, in a slightly disturbed tone of voice: “It really made you look like a dude…”

  3. a weird uncle-jimmy-plus-joey-plus-ant DUDE!

  4. Pretty cool. Romulans are my favourite. Are you as excited as my Hubby and me for the movie?

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