FatBet: For those of you participating in the contest, I extended it today by another three months. Venks (the current leader) is fine with it, and it puts most of us back under the dreaded blue line. Feel free to adjust your goal weights up or down as necessary. Let’s all get re-energized and committed!


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  1. thank you for that – I am really struggling with hormone weight at the moment

  2. Thank god, though I may be pregnant so can I opt out?

  3. Whoa, seriously? That’s great! Yeah, I think that’s a very good excuse to drop out. 🙂

  4. Yeah! I’m not below the blue line, but at least I have a chance now of getting there…. Thanks for the extension! I knew I was going to need a new motivation once this race is over (only 2 months to go).

  5. Thank you, Kris. I’ve really been struggling with this new medication. 😛

  6. That’s fine by me… since I’m moving on Saturday it gives me a chance to actually pay attention to it again. 🙂

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