12 Major Brands That Will Disappear in 2009. Old Navy? NOOOOOOOO! Crap, where are Snookums and I going to stock up on cheap American clothes when we next go home? And sorry Daniel – Crocs is on the list too! (Link courtesy of Rebecca’s Pocket.)


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  1. WHAT?! that article sucks! i just bought pj his first pair of crocs though, so maybe we’ll have a piece of history…

  2. No, I think Gap will go down first because it’s caught between BR and Old Navy — I’ve been following that story for a while. Old Navy has a good niche. And they just acquired my beloved Athleta!

    I’m guessing they’ll scale back, but still stick around. Otherwise, I’m in real wardrobe trouble!

  3. hey, speaking of…athleta is based out of good ol’ petaluma!

  4. What surprises me is that both Saturn and Old Navy have launched new ad campaigns lately. I thought that was a sign that they had corporate support, but maybe these are swan songs. I definitely think BR/Gap/Old Navy needs to lose a line. Too much redundancy.

  5. Nooo! Not crocs! I better go buy a few more pairs just in case =D

  6. Crap I think I’m going to have to buy up on Crocs now :-S At least my feet won’t get any bigger now and I’m in the biggest size shoe they sell..

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