Captain Tripps

Captain Tripps.
I got an email yesterday letting me know that I was being followed on Twitter by motherabigail. *snort* “Oh neat,” I thought. “People are twittering as the characters from The Stand.” This morning I got another notification that I was being followed by VegasWalkinDude (presumably because I tweeted that I’d meet everybody in Hemingford Home). There are lots of other characters out there (Nick, Stu, Larry, Nadine, Tom Cullen). They’re all pretty well done, sending @ messages back and forth and following the timeline of the story. That said, reading them on the bus in the rain this morning surrounded by sniffling passengers… it started to creep me out a little bit. I have an overactive imagination.

So to assuage my own anxieties, I just did some Googling. The fatality rate in Mexico (according to this article) is 6%. Which sucks, yeah, but we’re not at Captain Tripps levels yet. I’ll hold off til the weekend on stocking up on guns and batteries. (I suppose at least the fact that Australia is never mentioned in the books should make me feel a bit safer. Evidently Randall Flag only operates in the continental US.)


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  1. you are nuts! here’s the thing though…nothing says HOW or WHY people have died. is it just morons who didn’t get help and were super dehydrated or something? i really want to know. i don’t want to rush my kids to the ped at the first sign of the sniffles, but honestly…should i? (has grandma vee called you yet or does she just do that for people in the western hemisphere or who have babies?) oh, and kel posted this on her fb page and i thought it was funny:

  2. Oh, I’m not actually paranoid at all. I’m getting my flu shot in a few days as normal. Nothing I’ve read indicates that this is worth any kind of special hysteria. I just thought it was funny – then creepy – to get a message from Randall Flag telling me he’d see me tonight “among the corn rows”. *shudder*

    And no, no message from Grandma. Nobody tells me a friggin’ thing.

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