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  1. funny…i actually met one of J.’s exes last summer. she was a really nice girl and we had a lot more in common than just him. the tenstion came because i didn’t realize until later that, even though they had only “gone out” for about two weeks, they had indeed slept together.

    J. claimed that he had told me…maybe he just assumed that i would assume the same. not with my ND diploma firmly secured under my notchless belt!

    it was kinda uncomfortable after that point, but things are plenty fine now. i don’t mind the fact that he still likes her ’cause he likes me likes me!


  2. Dude, that sucks. This chick of Snookums’s is actually, in my understanding, THE ex. As in, the big relationship (three years). But then again, it was back in high school and early college. (But as he was a boy genius, that only means from 15-17.) So I think it’s far enough in the past that I can be rational about it.

    Besides, my feelings about the whole situation were much improved today when I got an e-mail from Rodd’s mom. She totally reassured me that I have nothing to feel bad about. And Rodd himself told me that she was a psycho. 🙂

  3. Oh, and of course he likes you likes you! He’s friggin’ marryin’ your ass! 🙂

  4. boy genius, eh? score!

    but back to the topic at hand, it definitely sounds like it’s all over and done with. icing from the his mom (!) is just icing on the cake.

    so are you going to go or not? and who was it that did the inviting? we could analyze this thing to death (ok, i could) but it sounds pretty pointless to me. how long have you and the snook been smoochin’, anyhow?

  5. Hahaha! (I love that you called him “the Snook”. I call him that all the time.) We’ve been together for almost a year and a half now. Apparently this chick e-mailed him and said she was going to be passing through London and wanted to meet up (with a third friend of theirs as well). He told me about it because A) he didn’t want me to get upset or think that he was keeping things from me, and B) he’s invited me along to meet old friends before.

    But anyway… I think I’ve changed my mind again and decided NOT to go. I had this sudden thought that even though I might meet her and think “Okay, she’s nothing special, I feel okay” that SHE might think, “I’m so much cooler/skinnier/prettier than her” and then think that she was somehow above ME. So if I don’t go, then the Snook can just describe me in glowing terms (I’ve already made him promise to do it) so hopefully she feels as inadequate as possible.

    Or something. Why does this make me act so immature?

  6. Well if you decide to change your mind and you need a Ferret to keep the peace plus be silly then you know I’ll be around.

    Mind you Aussie chicks…hmmm…maybe I’ll pass…all aussie chicks are weird as.

  7. >icing from the his mom (!) is just icing on the cake.

    er…that should be “e-mail from his mom” blahblahblah.

    anyhow, one of my cardinal rules of life definitely applies in this case: do what ever makes you most comfortable. and screw everyone else.

    (that last part used to read “and hook up with anyone half-cute you can get your grubby drunk@$$ mitts on,” but then i sobered up and met J. 😉

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