It seems like every six months I always have one weekend that is just a nightmare of stress and deadlines. Right now I’m juggling a Spec of Monstrous Proportions at work; normal preparations for the Knitters Guild meeting on Saturday; special preparations for the Internet Workshop I’m leading at the Guild meeting on Saturday; the Mother’s Day Classic 8K Run on Sunday morning; and the second installment of the sock class I’m teaching Sunday afternoon. Crazy, huh? So don’t be surprised if blogging is light for a couple days…

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  1. Warning Geek Note: If you were working Agile “Spec of Monstrous Proportions” would not be part of your vocabulary!

    Sorry after last night at M&S Couldn’t resist.

    Stress and Deadlines are horrid from May to July. Just remember to breathe and tackle one thing at a time

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