Made it.

Made it. I’ve cleared three of my five hurdles for the weekend and the end is in sight. Our Guild Meeting today was well-attended as usual (30 again!), with several visitors from other groups. I’m happy to say that meeting prep is getting easier now that I know what I’m doing. My “Welcome to the Knitternet” presentation went over so well! Which is funny, considering the technical nightmare I had in getting it ready. Half an hour before I left the house, the Snook and I suddenly realized that we didn’t have a monitor adapter for my MacBook to connect to the projector. So we had to install Keynote on his MacBook Pro and transfer over the presentation. I thought I was set then, but once I got to Customs House JP and I quickly realized that we were still missing a crucial connector. Fine, whatever, I decided to just use the PC in the meeting room… except I had no way of getting my presentation off the laptop. No one in the room had a USB stick. So I spent the first hour of the meeting surreptitiously SMSing the Snook while he tried to upload the files somewhere I could grab them. With about five minutes to spare, I was literally on my hands and knees crawling around under the meeting room PC on the phone with the Snook when I suddenly found a monitor connector lying there. “Hey,” I said. “This one looks just like the white one I left at home on the coffee table. HOLY CRAP, IT FITS.” Yep, the very connector I needed was just lying loose on the floor in the corner. Laptop was quickly plugged in, projector was switched on, and the whole setup worked PERFECTLY. I don’t even think the majority of the members realized there was a problem! The universe came through for me, for once.

I definitely need an early night. I’ve got to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to run an 8k race, from which I go straight to Morris and Sons to teach the second installment of my sock class. And then I’m going to have a massage, make carrot cake cookies, and drink a beer. Sounds like a plan…

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  1. I had a USB stick! I didn’t hear you ask for one. The presentation was great and should be compulsory viewing for everyone in the Guild!

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